August 26, 2015

The Hearing Officer for the City of San Diego approved Project No. 379009 to install a Cellular tower and an block equipment enclosure in Ridgewood Park.† This was in spite of vigorous objections raised by 6-8 residents who spoke before the Hearing Officer.† 12-15 additional residents attended.

February 4, 2015

Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board votes to approve the project by a vote of 11-7 over the objections of† over 30 residents present.

September 9, 2015

An appeal against the decision was filed at the City Of San Diego Development Services Dept, 1222 First Ave, San Diego.


September 10, 2015

Appeal hearing date set for October 22, 2015.


Ridgewood Park Wireless Project Status

October 22, 2015

Planning Commission listens to objections to the project and essentially disregards them.† Project appeal is denied.


Dedicated to protecting the integrity of Ridgewood Neighborhood Park

Lawsuit against the City and Verizon Wireless

A non-profit group, Donít Cell Our Parks, has brought a lawsuit against the city attempting to stop the incursion of cellular facilities into our neighborhood parks.† The suit is based on the portion of the city charter that specifies that parks shall not be used for anything but park and recreational purposes without† voter approval.†


Additionally, in spite of its proximity to the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, this project was specifically exempted from any environmental reviews.††


Here is an on-line Reader article describing Donít Cell Our Parks and the topic of cell phone installations in city parks.


September 30, 2016,† Superior Court Judge Judith Hayes rules that the City can continue to lease portions of public parklands to wireless companies to install cellular antennas and facilities without a vote of the people.   This ruling denies San Diegans their legal right to vote on the matter as this is not within the parkís original park purpose and alters its use and aesthetic appeal.


March 14, 2017, Donít Cell Our Parks (DCOP) appeals the ruling citing that the antenna placement within the park violates Section 55 of the City Charter, constitutes loss of use to the portions of the park, and is contrary to park purpose (open and connected to the preserve)

March 15, 2018,† Appeal denied.† The 4th Appellate Court upholds Judge Hayes ruling.† Appeal ruling with key portions highlighted.

April 2, 2018,† DCOP petitions for a rehearing based on factual errors of the Appellate Court ruling including service area intended by the installation (installation is to service nearby homes, not the park, as originally presented), actual cellular service within the park is far greater than presented (multiple carriers with good to excellent coverage exist in the park - no actual studies or data were provided), and there is tangible loss of use impacting the park itself (not acknowledged).†† Petition For Rehearing

April 5, 2018,†† Petition For Rehearing Denied


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